Maggie is a beautiful English style block head with a short, stocky build.  She has a fun loving,  feisty personality, and she is always ready to play. She is a very sweet, affectionate dog and loves to be around people. She is definitely our little shadow. Maggie is also a great mom.  She enjoys her puppies so much and loves to play with them.
Maggie also has a champion pedigree. She is a wonderful mix of show and field bloodlines.  She has the English block good looks and temperament. She also has the American style athletic ability that comes from that incredible Twin Lakes bloodline with Ebonstar Lean Mac, Baracuda Blue, and Hattie McBunn. She is very fast with great retrieving skills as well as being very intelligent, easy to train, and loaded with drive.     

Maggie is one of our puppies and her mother is our dog Emma.

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