We lost our sweet Emma in August 2017.  She was 12.  We were so blessed to have her and could not have had a better dog to begin our kennel.  We miss her terribly, but we know she will live on a long time through all of these beautiful puppies.  Since she was Archie and Maggie's mother and the beginning of the Lazy Labs, we want to keep her page posted.

She was a beautiful light yellow/white AKC Registered English Blockhead.  She had the traditional English Block features - a short, stocky build with a sweet, calm temperament.  Emma was a treasure.  She was very loving dog with the funniest personality.  We had the best time just being with her. 

Emma's favorite thing to do is lie on her back and get her tummy rubbed.  Her favorite stance was the inspiration for the "Lazy Lab" name. 

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